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What the hell is ‘Strength & Conditioning’?

Many people walk into our facility and ask what we do? You have probably been misled as to what health and fitness looks like. Fitness is free. We are a school of movement and health which will enhance your performance for Sport and/or Life.

S&C is the deliverance of structured program using sports SCIENCE. It is tailored to meet the specific needs of the group as opposed to completing movements which do not meet those needs. Many training styles use aspects of strength and conditioning, but often don’t understand the principles or science behind the training, which is where most go wrong.

What's an S&C coach?

A S&C coach is an ACCREDITED Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) coach. They are a professional who specialises in performance using exercise prescription, developing proper mechanics and an understanding of other aspects of performance such as nutrition, recovery and mindset.

What do you do at Cornerstone?

We view the world a little differently. In sport, athletes receive personalised training and information to optimise performance. We try to do the same thing for our members so they can be at their best for their sport, their family, their job or their life. We treat athletes like humans, and humans like athletes, because without health, there is no performance, and we should all be striving to achieve our potential. We refuse to be average.

We don’t feel you can look at each person and treat them the same. Asking our members to turn up every day and kill themselves in the gym without consideration of other parts of their lives is not best practice.

Adult Strength & Conditioning.

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