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We develop people who kick ass at life in their 30s, 40,s 50s and into their 90s


We view the world a little differently to many. Chances are you may have been misled about what training, health and fitness look like.

We don’t believe you can look at each person and treat them the same. Asking our members to turn up every day and kill themselves in the gym without consideration of other parts of their lives is not best practice. We focus on all aspects of Movement, Nutrition and Mindset. 

Our goal is to help you develop into a strong, mobile and diversely capable human, as well as revitalise your love and appreciation of your own health, fitness and life. Our programs are for anyone looking to perform better for themselves, their partners, their kids, their job and their life.

In our opinion, we all should be as flexible as we are strong, and to have a brain as agile as our body. When you build capacity across all domains, you have a much better chance of performing better when life throws you challenges

How our Program Works.

What are your goals? Is it to lose fat and look better naked?  Is it to become a better athlete, and perform better at your hockey game on the weekend? Is it to keep up with your kids or rid yourself of the aches and pain's from a sedentary lifestyle?

In sport, athletes receive personalised training and information to optimise performance. We try to do the same thing for our members so they can be at their best. We treat athletes like humans, and humans like athletes, because without health, there is no performance, and we should all be striving to achieve our potential.

Everything starts with the mind. The reason we invest so much time in skill work and brain development, is because you won’t change your body before you change your mind. Living a lifestyle where eating well, moving and investing time in yourself and your relationships may not be your current norm, but it is significantly more fun, effective, and sustainable.

Over our FREE 45-minute HP review session, we take you through our Life Performance checklist and build a picture of you and how we can help. We get to know you and understand your needs and aspirations. A personal approach results in a more personal outcome.

Through our unique onboarding process, we assess all aspects of your movement and health. You will learn what no-one has ever told you about movement, your body and nutrition.
We develop an in-depth profile for how you move, eat and live. By building a holistic picture, we gain an insight into areas that need the most attention and where we can make the most difference.

We then teach you the safe and proper progressions to optimal movement and develop a performance plan specifically for you to achieve the your goals.

After assessing your goals, your history and your testing results, we work together and assign you a program or group that suits you.

For those with a specific goal or need close 1-on1 support, personal training is perfect for you. Under the careful guidance of a coach your training, nutrition and lifestyle will be looked after.

For those wanting a big result in a short space of time, who are recovering from injuries or who haven’t trained before, our Small Group Training is likely the best option. You will have a program specifically designed for you, so this is personal training at a fraction of the cost in a small group of likeminded people.

For those ready to rip in, our Life Performance sessions are for you. This program is the meat and potatoes of Cornerstone for those training to improve their lifestyle or general performance. Yes, the program is for everybody. We pride ourselves on being highly personalised and delivering high quality programs to move our clients towards their goals. Classes are capped to ensure you get quality time from our coaches every session.

All programs are designed specifically for each training group. For those doing personal training or small group training, you have an individualised program and a personal coach working with you to develop the habits and training you require to perform at your best.

By developing a performance profile, your program can be completely customised to suit your goals and your life. For those in the Life Performance program, each session is personalised by our high-level coaches

For those on individual programs, your training is available via an app so each session, lift, movement and wellness markers can be recorded and tracked. For those in the Life Performance program, you are surrounded by like-minded people in a motivating and supportive environment. We track progress using a training journal which helps ensure you get the most out of every session.

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