How to win at everything you do

What is winning to you?

• Does it mean completing your list of “absolutely must get done” each day?
• Does it mean expanding your business or even starting your own business?
• Does it mean training for years to reach the pinnacle of your sport?

☑️Winning is an All the Time Thing…But That Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Fail

For each person winning is something different. Words from Green Bay Packers former coach Vince Lombardi speak of the mentality it takes to Win, “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing.” The most successful people in the world would certainly agree on this type of mindset. But these people still understand they will have failures on the way to their goals, but the winning is in the actions they take when they do fail.

Failing is NOT what stops you from reaching your goals. Successful people don’t stop at a hundred failures, they learn from each of their failures. They discover their weaknesses and then work them out to make them part of their strengths.


Being successful has to be a habit, doing anything successfully is grown through habits. The actions you take each and every day create these habits. For example, waking up to go to the gym at 5:30 am every day, you’re creating a habit for you to succeed!

☑️Talent Doesn’t Exist

In this world, no one is born with talent. I’ve read enough to know talent is simply the by-product of hard work. You have to be obsessed with the process, continually moving forward even if they are baby steps. Winning isn’t easy, and not everyone will relentlessly pursue it. But the ones that do will reap the rewards.

So don’t be afraid of failing, accept it then get up and work hard to turn them into successes. Start creating habits, things you do daily to take you on the path to your goals. Be obsessed with where you want to be in a week, a year or five years. Fall in love with the process of reaching the outcome, and when you get there, make sure you celebrate it. Take some time to reflect and assess the next step, then go again.