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How to improve front rack mobility and avoid wrist pain in the gym

Front Rack Flexibility can play a huge role during a lot of lifts in the gym and wrist pain in this position is the worst. Here’s some guidance on it.

Before every set of front squats that you do, you can set up with a little bit of weight on the bar. We’re going to first set our grip and really commit to locking the hands in wrapping the fingers around the entire duration of the drill. We’re then going to approach the bar much lower than we regularly would. So maybe eyes in line with the bar for our setup. From there, drive our elbows up into the highest position while still keeping fingers on the bar.

Then slowly push the shoulders into the bar as much as you can. You might not be able to get close at the start but you’ll gradually get closer and closer to the bar with the hands still on. It doesn’t mean you have to keep hands on the bar for your actual front squats. But as you get more and more into that position, you should feel like your regular front rack position feels more and more open and more and more free.

Eventually you will want to be able to get hands fully wrapped around the bar. However if mobility is not quite there, then don’t necessarily worry about it. For this one, just two, five second holds trying to keep those elbows as high as possible. Then pushing the shoulders up into the bar, using your legs to really get a nice stretch to the back is a perfect way to prime yourself before every set of your front squats.


2x5s holds before every set of front squats should be enough to gradually open up the position.


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