8 Keys to maintaining momentum after a challenge.

Getting results on a challenge is one thing. Keeping it going afterwards is another.

Once the challenge finishes, you will have gained a lot of new skills, confidence, and habits. So how do you keep them up?

From a science perspective, Momentum = Mass x Speed x Direction. The challenge has given you a lot of speed and direction, but not much mass. We need to build consistency and resilience so when the speed drops off we maintain momentum.

So what can you do?

1.       You still need to work. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of progress. Four weeks is only about 7% of your year. Imagine what things would be like if you did it for 90%? Build Mass.

2.       Be prepared to face setbacks. Life is a rollercoaster, and so are results.

Sick family member? Hectic time at work? Injury? Weight loss plateaus? These things can throw us right off the horse.

Your job is to minimize these complete stops. Your progress won’t be linear.

Talk to your coach and identify the most critical pieces of your program to keep you heading on an upward trend.

3.       Environment. Find a training partner or group of people you enjoy training with to pick you up and push you forward when you lose momentum.

4.       Discipline outranks motivation. Motivation will come and go. Discipline and dedication to the end goal will help better guide your choices. Track your progress and choose wisely.

5.       Find ways to fit training around your day. Train in the morning before work. Get in a quick lunchtime session. Go straight to the gym after work. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Book a PT, or book into class. Make it a non-negotiable.

6.       Find a new challenge or train for an event. Talk with your trainer about a new goal or a challenge you would like to complete. Get a speed injection.

7.       Build the habits. Every workout counts.  Every decision to choose warrior food over slave food counts. Training once a week is FAR better than not at all. One warrior meal every day is WAY better than none. Ten push-ups a day is much better than none. Make a 20min walk part of your day.

8.       You always have a choice. Own it. If you self-sabotage something, you don’t truly value it. Be firm in your decisions. Ensure YOU value what you want, not what you think will make someone else or society happy.

Once you breakdown momentum to:

  • Building mass (habits and consistency),
  • Speed (finding new challenges and the right environment), and
  • Direction (the right support and goals);

maintaining it gets a whole lot easier.