Winter Wake Up – How to get up on these cold winter mornings

Its 5 am, 13deg outside, but a cozy 23deg under your doona and your alarm goes off.

You hit snooze. Just another 5min.

You think ‘Just another few minutes and I’ll get up’, and then ‘do I really need to do this today, I didn’t have the best sleep’ and then ‘why am I even doing this’?

Let me tell you, you are not alone.

Winter can be the toughest time to stay motivated to train on those early mornings because for many, that’s the only time you get 5min to yourself.

So how do you stay consistent through the cold months?


1. You generally need to have a deeper reason for training. Your why. Just wanting a better body doesn’t cut it. You have to NEED the results you are getting from training.

The way it energises you for the rest of the day.

The mental clarity and reduced stress because you are under a lot of pressure.

The weight loss because you want to feel sexy for your partner and be confident in your own skin.

The strength and mobility to play with your kids all day.

Whatever it is, it needs to be rock solid. There must be a vision in your mind. Write it up somewhere you will see it every day. 

2. Remove the excuses and make it easy. Be prepared.

Set your clothes out the night before. I have a weeks’ worth of clothes stacked ready to go.

Get you and the kids breakfast prepped the night before.

Ensure you have a plan for yourself and your partner so you are both on the same wavelength.

3. Do something you enjoy. We’ve done our fair share of bootcamps, and we take our hats off to those who can get down on the cold dewy ground at 6 am when its 13deg. If you like lifting weights. Do that. If you like yoga. Do that. The list goes on. Just ensure it’s balanced with strength, mobility and conditioning.

In addition, if you have to walk into a place with no community or vibe to PB your 5km of the treadmill or hit a random weights program, we also wish you the best of luck.

Having a community helps keep you accountable and makes getting sweaty a whole lot more enjoyable.

4. Your health is EVERYTHING! If you don’t prioritise your health each an every day, no one else will. No matter how hard the session was, everyone always says, ‘It was hard to get up this morning, but I’m so glad I did’. 

In summary, 

  • Find your reason for doing it
  • Remove the excuses
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Just make the choice to prioritise your health.