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Come for the training.
Stay for the community.

At Cornerstone, we believe that health is more than exercise or nutrition. It encompasses a broad spectrum which is hard to define. We get it, you’ve been around a while. You’ve probably tried many different things to improve your health, lose weight, have better relationships and ultimately be happy. Some of them work, some of them don’t.

We’re all different. You have a different life, goals, background, experiences and expectations. This community and the programs we run are built around those differences.

Cornerstone is about the relationships that are created between people that want to kick ass at life no matter their age. We're about people who want more out of life than to just “getting through the day”. We want to be the best hour of your day, to be inspired, strong and to comfortable.

We can’t wait for Monday to see you.

We can’t wait to see the challenge of the program.

We can’t wait to hear the change in your mindset and realise what it really means to “explore our human potential".

What our Athletes say about us.


"Couldn’t recommend this place enough. Cornerstone is the most welcoming and genuinely supportive gym I have ever been to."

- Grace

"Could not recommend a place any higher. Classes have a strong sense of community and team, while still feeling like you're getting individual attention"

- James

"The team at Cornerstone Strength & Conditioning are some of the best in the business, from my initial consult and assessment with Mike early this year to now,"

- Nathan

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